Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Any Astros collectors with low standards?

OK, the low standards bit might be a bit mean, but check out the cards below.  I got these in the very nice random break by Thorzul as my second team.  They are nice, but do not have a place in my collection.  I also have tons of Jeff Bagwell, some Biggio, Oswalt and others just sitting around that I don't have any need for.

Here is the thing.  All the Astros lovers I know have been at it for a long time and don't have any need for my cast-offs.  Soooooooo.  Anyone want to trade for this kind of Astros stuff?  90's Astros stuff??  Anyone?  Beuller?

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Stealing Home said...

greetings..just started my own blog, so im a rookie. ALL the cards i show are available for trade. just wanna invite you and others in this cool community to visit my blog here:

i dont know how to get on these blog rolls, but would certainly appreciate an add. thanks. ;)