Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cards that make me smile #3

In today's edition of Cards that make me smile, you get a two-fer!!

These were my 2 favorite players growing up (I had a huge mancrush on high batting average).  This 2 card pairing will always hold a spot in my tiny Grinch heart, along with lots of the Fleer 'Super Special Star' subsets.  This subset was a neat-o view into players from different teams on the same card, a rarity in the 80's.

Anyways, these two couldn't look much different at first glance.  Carew is an African American, born in the Panama Canal Zone, convert to Judaism and soft spoken.  Boggs is a white, Nebraska born heavy drinking chicken lover.  But when you look at their hitting, they were both beasts!

And if you are too young to remember Carew's unique batting grip and stance, go do some research online.  The guy was great!


Anonymous said...

I learned to switch-hit as a kid in NW MN just so I could drag bunt like my idol Rod Carew. Still can bat LH in a pinch.

The Diamond King said...

Haha! Me too (the left handed in a pinch thing)