Friday, September 9, 2011

Whippersnapper recap - My faves

Hopefully you've been following my series detailing my personal favorites by position from the 80's on. If not, here are the links:

1st basemen here
2nd basemen here
Shortstops here
3rd basemen here
Catchers here
Outfielders here
Starting Pitchers here
Relief Pitchers here

It's been a lot of fun.  I've pissed a lot of people off, mostly Braves fans.  Oops!  But there are a few players that didn't make the list that I feel the need to recognize.  I know I'll miss a bunch, but here are a few on my mind right now.

80's guys!!!!! - these are mostly lesser talents, but I liked them nonetheless!

Runty Kuntz - no obvious jokes about the name, but that is why he's on the list
Duane Kuiper - only 1 homer in his whole career???
Dave Henderson
Joe Charbonneau
Billy Jo Robideaux
Steve Balboni
Brian Downing
Kent Hrbek
Chet Lemon
Bob Horner
Amos Otis
Willie Wilson
Ceceil Cooper - underrated
Ted Luzinski
John Candelaria
Ben Oglivie
Ruben Sierra
Richie Zisk
Garry Maddox
Sid Fernandez
Darren Daulton

Newer guys!!!!! - most, but not all, of these are too new to make my lists, but might in a few more seasons

Miguel Cabrera
Adrian Gonzalez
Tim Wakefield
Matt Wieters
Zack Grienke
Justin Morneau
Josh Hamilton
Brian McCann (for you Captain Canuck)
Tommy Hanson
Steven Strasburg
Josh Johnson
Ryan Braun
Prince Fielder
Matt Holliday
Joey Votto
Jay Bruce
Andrew McCutchen
Hunter Pence
Buster Posey
Tim Lincecum
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Carlos Gonzalez
Troy Tulowitzki

Of course I missed a few, or maybe more than a few, but it's been fun!  As always, suggestions welcome!

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Ryan G said...

I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that Bieber (Beiber?) photo. I always liked pulling a card of Kent Hrbek. I don't know why.

Players to watch could include Matt Cain. He's probably the best pitcher in baseball with a losing career record, since the Giants give absolutely no run support.

I can't believe Tim Wakefield is still playing. He's got a real high ERA, and was never really that good anyway. I guess he fits in his role, so whatever that means. Maybe he's just trying to get 2000 Ks (done) and 200 wins (one away).