Monday, July 18, 2011

5000 discrete pieces of flotsam

Don't know what flotsam is?  Here's one dictionary definition:

flot·sam  (fltsm)
a. Wreckage or cargo that remains afloat after a ship has sunk.
b. Floating refuse or debris.
2. Discarded odds and ends.
3. Vagrant, usually destitute people

Describes my card collection pretty well!  And #3 is an accurate depiction of me.  Lesson over!

At the last card show I went to, one of my favorite dealers really, REALLY wanted to get rid of a 5000 count box of junk.  Junk, which I bought for $12 and then put in my trunk.  That might be a mixed metaphor or a dangling participle or a misplaced preposition.  I don't really know because I never payed attention in English class.  I just figured English was what I already speaked, so no wierd, mousy, fake blonde spinster was going to learn me nothing I didn't know before she teached it to me already.  Right?

Anyway, I bought the box because the guy had already given me several great deals and I figured I could use the junk in it as fodder for blog posts.  Most of it was to junky to even look at.  I mean, how many Albert/Joey Belle inserts can one man stand?  But there were fleeting moments of fun.  I even think I might be able to get some of them to homes where they might be appreciated (stay tuned for a later post for that!).

Anyway, here are 5 cards that I pulled that at least make me happy on some level.  Enjoy!

Always wondered what Tom Glavine looked like when he was 12?  Now you know!
This is the only card I have seen of Juan where they used his awesome nickname, Igor.  Plus it's shiny cool!
I dunno why I like this one.  Matt Williams was cool though.  And its a die cut.  And it has shiny blue lines that don't show up in the scan too well.  Cool card.
Two of my favorite things!  Oil Can Boyd and old gaudy uniforms!!  Plus its from a popular Leaf set, so its gotta be worth big bucks!  Ebay!!
My new favorite Scott Rolen card!!  Not only does the dirt personify the hustle and determination Scotty is known for, but my daughter said he needs a bath.  To which I replied that my daughter needed a bath.  To which she promptly went and took a bath.  So bonus for me.

Thanks for looking!!

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