Friday, July 1, 2011

Trade with someone who likes Cards

Jeff over at My Sports Obsession and I recently worked out a quick trade from some cards he posted.  I sent him some Tom Seavers and a few other things and he sent me these!

I love older RC's of 'medium' players like Hough.  72 Topps is cool too!  The Yaz is my 1st relic of the last triple crown winner.  Doesn't seem likely that we'll see a triple crowner this year either!  Awesome.  Thanks Jeff!

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  1. Got your cards too, I have the post done, should go up sometime this weekend. I grabbed the Dodgers rookies for all the Dodger fans out there, they either already had it or were just too slow, I guess. I liked the Yaz as well, always liked him. But didn't have a place in my collection for him. Glad he found a good home.