Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My favorite 3rd Basemen. MINE, dagnabit you whippersnapper!

This is the fourth in this series of posts.  

1st basemen here, 2nd basemen here, Shortstops here.

I have been wanting to do a series on my favorite players by position for a while now.  I decided on "top 10's by position" as my format.  I want it to be fun and interactive though.  So I decided on a few 'rules'.

1. I can bend the rules when I feel like it.
2. The players on the list have to have played when I payed attention to baseball.  So my arbitrary cutoff date is 1980.  All players on the list must have played in the 1980 season or later.
3. No ranking, just the top 10 in no real order.  So Duane Kiper might make the list, but you won't know if he is #1 or #9 on that list
4. SP will be a top 20 and OF will be a top 30
5. This is a card blog, so each player must have an accompanying picture of one of their baseball cards.  Usually it will be one I don't have, so you all can send them to me!!
6. I'll update each page with reader suggestions (even if I don't care for them) and keep a link to all other positions on future pages


My favorite 3rd basemen
 George Brett - Beast

Mike Schmidt - Bigger Beast (+teaser for later in the countdown...)

Wade Boggs - I think of him every time I eat chicken.

David Wright - Hope he can get healthy.  I like the good character guys.

Bill Madlock - Oops!  Reggie Sanders RC???

Michael Young - He's a stretch for a 3B post, but I really like the guy.

Doug DeCinces - I couldn't find a relic card of him.  If anyone has one, I'd love to trade.

Ron Cey - for his nickname alone

Scott Rolen - I want this card!!  Rolen is another good guy.

Chipper Jones - sweet looking card.

Reader picks:
Put them in the comments or e-mail to me!
1. Pablo Sandoval
2. Graig Nettles
3. Leo Gomez
4. B.J. Surhoff
5. Robin Ventura
6. Terry Pendleton
7. Floyd 'Honey Bear' Rayford
--Whew!  Thanks for a bundle Commishbob!
8. Chris Sabo
9. Vinny Castilla
--Sheesh!  There really are a lot of great third sackers aren't there?


  1. 1) Brooks Robinson, of course!!!
    2) everyone else*

    *=among 'everyone else' I tend to favor Doug Rader, Eddie Mathews, Doug DeCinces, Clete and Kenny Boyer and Ron Santo.

  2. Obviously my reading comprehension is a huge FAIL. I'll come back with a qualified list. LOL

  3. Among guys who played at least a year in the 80s to today, these are my favorites:

    Doug DeCinces
    George Brett
    Pablo Sandoval
    Chipper Jones
    Graig Nettles
    Leo Gomez
    B.J. Surhoff
    Robin Ventura
    Terry Pendleton
    Floyd 'Honey Bear' Rayford

    I'd put Cal Jr. on a shortstop list so I didn't list him here although I guess he qualifies.

  4. Chris Sabo
    Vinny Castilla

    Love the goggle for Sabo and Vinny was very underrated.