Friday, July 8, 2011

2 trades! This Rhubarb is Cool!

To save you, the lovely readers some time, I'm combining 2 trades in this 1 post.  Ryan from This Card is Cool sent me these 2 relic cards in return for some 2009 Upper Deck base cards he needed.  The Rice is awesome and straight off my wantlists and the Tejada is a cool bonus.  Thanks Ryan!
Next up is a 9 card lot from Rhubarb_Runner from é rayhahn, rayhahn!  He got a few Twins from his lists and I get these!  A wonderful cornucopia of my collecting wants.  I especially love the Maddux (I want this whole set) and Nomo (this set too!)  McGwires are ALWAYS welcome!  Thanks!
Sorry for the crappy scan...


  1. Yay! Combo trade posts! I like those. Glad you're happy - your cards dropped in today for posting this weekend! I figured the Tejada may work as trade bait if it doesn't fit your wants. Thanks!

  2. Ha ha -- I saw those three different Hudson DK's, and I just had to send them to you. ;-)

    Just got your cards today as well - thanks a bunch