Saturday, July 9, 2011

Card show report +teaser

I hit the monthly show across the river this morning and came away with a ton of stuff!  Most of it won't be shown here, but I restocked my trading supplies so I hope to send some out soon!

This show was no different than normal, I spent all my time with my 2 favorite dealers.  One was all quarters today, I got sweet loot from him!  With the other (who I usually spend all my time on the nickel boxes) I decided to quit being such a cheap bastard!  Well, sorta.  I hit his fifty cent and dollar boxes!  Woohoo!  Break the bank!

I also grabbed an auto that I will be sending out to a fellow blogger and a few slightly higher dollar cards.  I'm only showing a few for now because I think I'll do a separate post with some dinged up vintage that I need to get rid of!  Stay tuned.

Brett Rookie!  Min version!  Been looking for one for a long time.  As you can see, its hammered which is why I got it for a dollar!!!  Brett rook for a dollar (does a little dance, tweaks knee, cries a little, remembers Brett RC, comes back happy).
Six 86/87 Fleer cards, all autographed!  These were cheap too, so the authenticity is somewhat in doubt, but to me they are cool!
This card looks waaaaaay better in person!  And I love it!  I hear there are more of these in the 2005 Topps Pristine Legends set.  If anyone has any they would part with, let me know!
The last card for today is a beauty jersey card of Willie McCovey!  Makes me happy, but then that's why I bought it!

Check in in the next few days for the hammered vintage post.


  1. If any of that hammered vintage is 69 Topps. I wanna be a player on that

  2. What do you want from Pristine Legends? I got some base and some inserts, including that Tony Gwynn if you wanted another. Shoot me an email.

    If I wasn't busy I was planning on hitting that Jantzen show, but I went hiking up by Multnomah Falls instead.