Sunday, July 31, 2011

Promo Cards - What to do?

Looking through the big 5000 count box I bought at the last card show, I found a bunch of Promo, Pre-Production and Sample cards.  Every one of these cards says Pre-production or sample or similar, if not on the front, then on the back.

Some even have 'serial numbering' like this
So what do I do with these??  I figure team or player collectors might want some of them.  Are there any promo card collectors out there?  Here's the thing, I hate sending 1 or 2 cards out to someone, I'd much rather send a 10-100 card trade package out.  Smaller usually isn't worth the time, especially with cards like these.

So if you are interested in the whole lot, let me know, but if you only want a few, I'd love to use that as the start of a larger trade.  Let me know!!!!!!


  1. Some fun looking cards. I actually have a side collection of promo/sample cards. I can dig some stuff up for the lot if you are interested.

  2. I could probably use them for the Zoo collection. We can work something out I'm sure?

  3. May you set aside the Mondesi and Nomo promo cards? We can use that for a bigger trade at some point this week. Send me an email if that is cool. Thanks!

  4. put the Braves in my pile... we'll get another trade going.

  5. I have a few of these, in fact I have that very same Nomo. They're a lot of fun.