Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tuesday night at 7:57 PM Pacific time, Steve Drennen picked Joaquin Andujar and Glenn Hubbard!!  You might have guessed by now that this is the correct answer!  Thanks a ton to all who participated, and stay tuned, because if I can round up some more battered stuff, I may do this again soon.  Congrats Steve, and e-mail me your address so I can send out your winnings!
6 beat up, well loved, hammered, trashed vintage cards!  For free?  Of course!  All to 1 lucky winner, but you'll have to work for them!

Now that I have your attention, here's the rules.  Keep in mind that these rules were devised by my 12 year old son.

1. The object of this contest is to name 2 MLB players (past or present) that I have pre-selected.  For example, you could name Babe Ruth and Miguel Cabrera.  You would not be right, but that would be a valid guess.
2. The first one to guess both players (in a single comment) gets all the cards above!
3. You must comment on this post for the guess to count.  No e-mail or guesses on other posts will be accepted.
4. You get 1 guess a day.  Extras will be ignored.

Hints will be given on a daily basis.  I doubt anyone will get the two players on day one, but you could get lucky.  So, ready to go???  Here are the 1st hints:

1. Both players were born outside the United States.
2. Both made at least 1 All-Star team each.
3. Both were born in the 1950's.
4. The 2 players played different positions.
5. 1 of the players was guessed more than once on Day 1 of the contest.  The other was not guessed at all.
6. Neither player ever hit over 12 home runs in a season.
7. Both players played in both leagues during their careers.

Good luck!


  1. César Cedeño (CF) and Tony Peña (C)

  2. Joaquin Andujar and Cesar Cedeno

  3. Julio Franco and Dennis Martinez

  4. Pedro Guerrero and Manny Trillo

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  6. George Bell and Joaquin Andujar

    reposted for spelling corrections ::sigh::

  7. No winner yet! Next clue or clues will be posted tomorrow morning @6AM Pacific time!

  8. Alfredo Griffin and Manny Trillo

  9. Manny Trillo and Willie Hernandez

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  11. Manny Trillo and Pascual Perez

  12. Bert Blyleven and Glenn Hubbard

  13. Bert Blyleven and Alfredo Griffin

  14. Joaquin Andujar and Glenn Hubbard

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