Thursday, January 26, 2012

Benny (AKA Benito) from the Quarry

Hiflew over at Cards from the Quarry and I have made several trades over the last few months.  This time I sent some random Todd Heltons his way and he sent me 7 refractors for my refractor chase!
They're some nice ones too!  Gold's, serial #'d's and Heritage!  VERY nice!

But that's not all, he also sent a Benito Santiago relic card!  Straight off my wantlists!!
I love how it references Barry Bonds, it will be a history lesson for when my kids get interested.  Great card!  It will be going into my PC, the 28th card this year to do so!  Thanks again Hiflew!

1 comment:

  1. No problem. I was thrilled to get all the needed Heltons. I was also glad when you started your refractor quest, because I had nothing else on your want lists. That'll definitely make you an easier trade partner.

    I'll still keep my eyes open for more off your cool relics list.