Saturday, January 28, 2012

Philly - The City of Refractorly Love!

Brad from Brad's Blog (no blog to be found... yet?) is a Philly fan.  He expressed interest in helping me with my massive refractor project in return for some sports cards with heroes from the City of Brotherly Love on them.  So we did the usual trade thingy, I sent him some Phillies and he sent me...

Four Refractors!!  Aint they nice?  Purples, a nice numbered Chromie and an Auto!  Very nice stuff indeed, but Brad didn't stop there.
Oh no, he didn't stop there!

Check this out!!!  All told, 89 refractors.  Brad's the man!


  1. Brad's my brother...I'll send him along the link...he told me he was really happy with a package he got recently (i'm guessing it was from you)...he has no blog, but has/had a lot of Topps Chrome.

  2. Thanks for the trade,hope you reach your goal!