Thursday, January 5, 2012

PC Add 1

In my 2012 Goals post, I stated that I would post every card that makes it into my PC this year.  Well, only a week into the year and I receive a beautiful package from a blogger you all probably know.  It had great stuff in it and a lot of it!  Serial #'d, game used and plenty more.

The card that makes my PC today comes from that package and is also directly off my wantlists!  Check it out!!!

Woohoo!  Eric the Red was a beast back in my formative years.  Speed, power and attitude, he had it all.  This card is better looking in person, and has a nice gloss that the base cards from this release didn't have.

Running Total: 1


  1. Very nice - I too really like this set of cards.

  2. I was a huge Eric Davis fan back in the day... nice addition to your PC.

  3. Nice card indeed :-)

    Got a silly question for you about Diamond King Cards if you have time to shoot me an email.