Sunday, January 22, 2012

PC Add 26 - Biggie!

PC ADD series chronicles all the cards I add to my PC this year

If you missed PC Add #25, it came courtesy of a trade with The Card Hobbyist the other day.

Add #26 is a biggie for me!  I have wanted a Mark McGwire relic ever since I came back to collecting and found out that such a thing existed.  I have long hoped that the steroids issue would lower prices, and maybe it has, but the prices on Big Mac relics are still among the highest of any recent player around.

That said, I finally found myself with a few extra bucks courtesy of selling off a bunch of stuff that was cluttering my closet at last weeks card show.  Then I found a steal of a deal on this:
It's a beauty!  Beautiful surface, edges are awesome and the corners are razors!  I'm loving it!

I still have McGwire relics on my wantlists (I'll take any of them!) but at least now I have one!