Monday, January 16, 2012

Refractor Math

Since I just made a post yesterday that was in keeping with my goals for this year, I thought I'd do another one.  One of my goals for the year it to accumulate 1000 refractors that are not in my personal collection.  So if I get this refractor...

It would not go in my PC, so I could count it toward the 1000.

But if I got this refractor...

Yeah, that's going in the PC, so it don't count!

So I started the year, January 1st, with 23 refractors.  I'm counting them toward the 1000.  Now, 16 days and 1 card show later, I have 65!!  What kind of stinks is that only 35 of them are baseball.  I had kind of envisioned them all being baseball, but if I want to reach lofty goals, I might have to compromise.  So 35 baseball, 24 basketball and 6 football.

Here's where it gets geeky.  If you hate math, leave now!  (it's not hard math though)  So in 16 days, I have accumulated 42 refractors.  65 total - 23 started with = 42.  That works out to 2.625 per day!  I have 340 days left in the year thanks to it being a leap year, so 340 x 2.625 = 892.5.  Let's round up to 893.  893 + the 65 I have currently = 958!

958 is a great total, but as you can see, I am NOT on pace to reach my goal.  Dang, I thought I was doing awesome too! Oh well, I guess this means I need help!  Trades are welcome, duh.


  1. Good luck towards your goal! I've got 8 2007 Topps Chrome Baseball Refractors, if you're interested in trading. Let me know -

  2. I have quite a few base card 2011 Topps chrome baseball refractors. I'd be willing to trade a lot of them for one or 2 hits. Shoot me an e-mail and we can work something out.