Saturday, January 14, 2012

PC Adds 2-24

This is my ongoing series detailing every card I add to my personal collection this year...
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So I hit the monthly card show today.  I actually got a table and sold off a bunch of stuff I didn't want.  I sold it for dirt cheap, so I sold a lot!  With the money, I got the following for my PC!  Most of the posts in this series will be a single card, but this is a monster.  Sorry, and/or your welcome!
1. Roger Clemens 97 Totally Certified Red.  Why is this a keeper???  Because I love roid users!!!  At least it looks like it from the keepers in this post!  Actually, I have few cards I like of Roger, but I like Totally Certified.  It is so wild and woolly.  It's numbered /3999 and looks good.  So I'm keeping it!
2. Jack Clark RC.  Why is this a keeper???  I love rookies of the guys I grew up watching, but was too late to collecting to get their RC's.  Clark falls right into this slot.
3. Barry Bonds 2006 Turkey Red SP.  Why is this a keeper??? See, roids.  But anyway, nice looking card, and a hardish to find SP.  Keeper.
4. 97 Score Ken Griffey Jr. 'Complete' insert.  Why is this a keeper??? Pretty card of a solid player and guy.  You will find that pretty shiny cards feature prominently in my keeper additions.
5. 99 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. Lords of the Diamond insert refractor.  Why is this a keeper??? See above. Plus its a refractor!
6. 91 Elite Dwight Gooden.  Why is this a keeper??? These were the 1st sooper rare inserts, numbered /10000!!!!!  Great card, plus cool inserts of Doc are always welcome.
7. 2000 Fleer Gamers Tony Gwynn 'Determined' insert.  Why is this a keeper??? I just don't have many cool Gwynns.  This is borderline, but it's really pretty, better than the scan, so...
8. 99 Topps Gold Vladimir Guerrero 'Race to Aaron' insert.  Why is this a keeper??? Like Gwynn, I don't have many nice Vlads.  This is nice because it has Hank Aaron on it.  I actually have several of this insert series in my collection.
9. 98 Score Vladimir Guerrero Artists Proof.  Why is this a keeper???Artists proofs became kind of common and overdone for a while, but this is a well done, rare one.  The multiplier on Artists Proofs for this set is x20 making this 'worth' a whopping $10!  Well, I like it.
10. 87 Donruss Leaf Greg Maddux RC.  Why is this a keeper??? I already had the regular Donruss version, but I like the old leaf sets.  Nuff said.
11. 06 Turkey Red Matt Kemp 'Red' version.  Why is this a keeper??? Nice looking parallel of the should be reigning MVP.  Yeah, cool.
12. 87 Donruss The Rookies Bo Jackson.  Why is this a keeper??? If you were alive and sentient in the late 80's you probably like Bo Jackson.
13. 2010 Topps Buster Posey RC.  Why is this a keeper??? A fellow blogger was looking for this very card a while back (he found it) and it tuned my eye to look for it.  Well, today I found it.  Nice card, I hope he recovers well from his injuries.
14. 98 Pacific Revolution Mike Piazza 'Prime Time Performers' insert.  Why is this a keeper??? You can't tell from the scan, but the Mets logo is die cut. That is cool!  Plus it looks like this is a fairly rare insert.  Keeper!
15. 74 Topps Thurman Munson.  Why is this a keeper??? I didn't have it.  That's really all.  I have most of his cards from his playing career (except his RC).  This filled a hole.
16. 2010 Topps Chrome Mike Stanton RC refractor.  Why is this a keeper??? Stanton's a stud and this is a great RC of his.
17. 97 Fleer Sammy Sosa Lumber Company.  Why is this a keeper??? Roids!!  I love the die cut!
18. 65 Topps Boog Powell.  Like the Munson, I have a lot of Boog's (not his RC!) and this filled a hole.  Who doesn't love Boog?  The Booger?
19. 84 Donruss Cal Ripken.  Why is this a keeper??? I'm shocked this card wasn't already in my collection.  Shocked.
20. 99 Topps Frank Thomas Lords of the Diamond insert.  Why is this a keeper???  Pretty, pretty.  No other reason.
21. 73 Topps Willie Stargell.  Why is this a keeper???  Didn't have it, mostly.  I really like the photo too.  You don't see that kind of shots on cards anymore.
22. 2000 Topps Traded Michael (Mike) Young RC.  Why is this a keeper??? I didn't have any Young RC's.  I've always liked him.  That seems like a real problem!  Problem solved.
23. 08 Masterpieces Cal Ripken SP.  Why is this a keeper???  I love the set and already had this card in my (almost complete) set.  It's too good a card to leave off my keepers list.

OK, that's it!  Or is it?  Actually, the cards below are 'in consideration' for my keepers, but I was hoping to get a little info from y'all on them.  I've seen the Heyward and Robinson on the interwebs, but don't really know what they are, how rare/cool they are.  Any input?  The Mattingly is kind of awesome.  It is authentic looking and says it is copyright 1986 by BBC Magazine (Baseball Card Magazine?).  Any opinions?  By the way, I have 2 of the Jackie's if anyone wants the other.  The last card is from 2010, but I don't know what Topps set.  Is it so valuable that someone will offer me a bjillion dollars for it?  I'm sure not, but if you have a bjillion, let me know.  Also, if you know much about the card, please let me know.
Thanks guys!!


  1. The Heyward and Robinson are the exclusive refractors that were given away with the Topps retail value boxes in 2010 I believe

  2. Solid mix of keepers. I love your varied tastes in players to collect. Be on the lookout for a bubble mailer with some randomness that you will enjoy.