Friday, May 24, 2013

Draft Sniping!

I recently participated in a card draft over at Thorzul'z!  I love card drafts!!  I wish I had more money for card drafts, especially drafts that are truly worth the money, like this one!

I got some nice cards, some for me, some for others.  Below are some of those I am keeping.  I'm not showing the ones I'm sending out because some of those are already flying across the country to various bloggers.
The Gibson was my 1st Round pick.  I love the look of the card and didn't have any Gibby relics.  I also like the look of the Edgar Martinez and Lance Berkman.  Sooooo shiny on the Berkman!  The Grace, Raines, Morris and Griffey Sr. don't grab me quite as much, but I like all of them as players, so relics of them made sense.

My 2nd Round pick was very much a reach, as I may have been able to get it much later!
But I couldn't not grab this McGwire!  It's a harder to find insert, a die-cut and of course, it fits right into my SCAM project.  Also, Super Cardinals Collector Madding was in the draft, so I knew I would need to grab McGwire early.  In fact, I think I lost out to him on another McGwire I overlooked. 


Thanks to Thorzul for an awesome draft!!

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