Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Much appreciated PWE - Bo Knows!

Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life slapped me down with a nice PWE full of bad, evil steroid users for the SCAM Project!  Bo definitely knows what I want!!  Bo sent Cansecos from 94 and 99, Palmieros from 94 and 01, a Sosa from 99 and McGwire, also from 99.
My favorite, by a long shot, is the 1994 Canseco in the upper right.  Go ahead, take a closer look.  Jose looks so glum.  Maybe his favorite bat (Old Bessie) isn't doing its job and its getting him down.  And what's with the wood shavings all over the dugout floor?  It looks like Jose needed to shave Bessie's handle down.  What a weird pic!

Thanks a bunch Bo!

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