Thursday, May 30, 2013

Because it was a Nickel - Part 12

Nickel-Box, Day 12!!  It all started here many posts ago.

28 days of Nickle-Box!!  None of these cards are really anything I need for my collection, so if anyone is interested in any of them, hit me up for a spot in my PWE project!  Here is day 12:
1991 Leaf Gold Leaf Rookies and 1972 Topps Phil Gagliano autographs

Why I bought them:  They were each a nickel!  Cheap Autos!  The Gagliano is probably real, I mean who would fake a Phil Gagliano auto?  Plus it looks like other autographs of his online.  The Van Poppel?  It looks legit too, but who knows.  That card must have been huge back in the day.  I remember someone at a card show calling Van Poppel 'Nolan Ryan Jr.'.  I'm pretty sure the Braves are glad they didn't take him #1 overall that year though.  They got Chipper Jones instead.  Cool cards...  And they were each a nickel!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the series!!

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