Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Contest Winners!!!

OK, here's the results!  You can watch the actual randomization, or scroll past it and just read the text version:

Sorry about the quality, I'm new at this and will get better.

Pick 1 - Play at the Plate
Pick 2 - Spiegel83
Pick 3 - --David
Pick 4 - DonWickedOrtega
Pick 5 - Ryan G
Pick 7 - BA Benny

I'm pleased to see a couple of guys I have traded with on the list!  Congratulations!

I'll be conducting the pics through e-mail, so Play at the Plate, you are on the clock!  Congrats to all who entered!!!  Keep an eye out for more!

The Diamond King


Captain Canuck said...

not sure if Play at the Plate is checking his email or not.... but he posted last week that he will be "unavailable" this week.

His blog is on auto post mode right now....

The Diamond King said...

Yeah, I'm really hoping he has e-mail access...

hiflew said...

Well I actually "won" the first randomization. Thanx for the contest and congrats to the real winners.

Play at the Plate said...

I'm checking in on the blogs. I need to go check the prize list.

Play at the Plate said...

Email sent.

Hits and Misses said...

Ouch, there my name sits at 8.