Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trade with 'My Sports and Sports Cards'

I recently completed a trade with Jeff of My Sports and Sports Cards fame.  I sent him a few Tom Seaver's and White Sox cards.  He responded with a smackdown of sweet stuff!

He started it off with a couple relics both #'d to 100.  A guy who claims to never have done steroids and another who probably could have used some.  For recovery reasons only, of course.

Then he followed that up with Gypsy Queen and Ichiro studliness.  I may have to start looking for more Ichiro's, those are sweet.

A great trade!  Thanks so much Jeff!


  1. I like Ichiro, but I think I just realized why his cards have become boring to me. They all feature a choice of about 5 different poses, and they all show him in his away uniform. Can I get a white or blue jersey for once? If you're wondering about the poses, I tend to see: "jersey pull on shoulder", "leg in air while batting", "running on bases", "running in the direction of home plate in right field", and "close up of face".

  2. Yeah, that's absolutely right! Hmmm, maybe I'll collect Ichiro cards that use unconventional poses.

  3. Glad you liked the cards. I really enjoyed the Seavers you sent me and am enjoying your blog as well. Keep up the great work.