Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrible graphics post

My scanner makes cards look like cardboard!  Not the good kind, the corrugated kind.  My camera stinks too.  Now that I need actual graphics, I might have to invest in something better, but today you must suffer! Through! My! Terrible Graphics Post!

My apologies to David at Tribecards because the terrible graphics are of cards from his Buck a Box Break!

I had the Yankees because... I have no idea.  The Bombers are always taken soon after breaks open, so it seemed like an opportunity.  I got rookies, the standard Yankees retired guy and the Captain along with 2 awesome Mattingly throw ins!  The button and the creepy floating mustachio'd head will likely be added to my Push the Boss to his sports limits work experiment.  They will add a nice flair! Thanks David!!

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