Saturday, June 11, 2011

Card Show show and tell

OK, I ht our monthly card show this morning for a quick visit.  I spent all my money, so hopefully I got something good right??  Well, since 'all my money' comes out to be $18, you aren't going to see any Babe Ruth cut auto's, but I did make off with some stuff I like.  Mostly I spent my time at a dime box, but here are a few more interesting finds.

Cesar Cedeno relic?!?!?  Awesome!  I love relics of retired players like Dawson and Gibby, but Cedeno?  Ridicucool!

This is stamps from 1982.  Vintage!!!  Well, maybe not, but they are pretty cool and I got them for about their face value!


  1. If there is any way you'd ever trade that Cedeno, I'd definitely be interested... that's a very nice card. Didn't even know there was a Cedeno GU jersey card floating around out there! Great pick up!

  2. Awesome Gibson GU. I may need to purchase that card someday.