Sunday, June 26, 2011

Calling all Blogger's! Eddie Murray alert!

OK, I read a nice post a while back talking about the great rookie cards from the late 70's.  The blogger who wrote the post mentioned that if anyone had a cut up Rickey Henderson RC or hammered Eddie Murray RC, they would like it.  So check it out!
Hammered enough?  I have tried to find that blog post, but I have about 100 blogs i read and can't pick it out.  So if the blogger who wrote the post comments here within the next 3 days and directs me to that post, I'll send the card out to them, no charge.  If I don't get any response from that specific blogger, then the 1st person to post a comment here will get it.  Either way, there will be a banged up HOF RC heading out to someone next week!


  1. It wasn't me but if none wants it i'll take it

  2. I'm not sure I can accept that card without any hole punches in it...

    Pretty sure I can find something off your want list. Just e-mail me.

    (Sorry Wicked)