Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guess my Fitty Cent Auto

At a recent card show, one of my favorite dealers tossed me a baseball and asked "Who's autograph is this?"  I looked at it and replied "Catfish Hunter." "Sparky Lyle".  Cool, I was right!  He tossed me another and asked the same question but this time, he said he really didn't know.  I looked for a few minutes and first thought Orel Hershiser, but it's a great and distinctive auto, so it wasn't long before I came up with the correct answer.  Can you??

Show your knowledge!  No prize this time, just bragging rights.  I saw one of these exact inscriptions on Ebay for $109 Buy it Now!  I'm pretty sure that never sold even though that one came with a COA.

PS, the dealer gave me this one and the previously mentioned Catfish Hunter for 50 cents each!


  1. Dave Henderson? Looks like a 42, and the years match up (Boston in 86, Oakland in 88-90)

  2. No, it's not Dave Henderson! Haha, what an insipid guess! My readers are getting dumber by the...wait. Oh yeah, it's Dave Henderson. Maybe it's me that's getting dumber by the day! That was fast Matt!

  3. Dude you have an catfish hunter auto baseball?? I would kill for it!! If you would like to trade please let me know!!!