Monday, June 27, 2011

Beckett Bashing - an experiment

**UPDATE** Closed!  The experiment didn't go off as well as I had hoped, but it was still fun.  Participants will be guaranteed a prize in my end of year contest!

OK, I have been seeing ton's of people doing trade back the years on the Topps Diamond Giveaway site.  It usually works something like this:  I have a 1992 Robbie Alomar.  I want to trade it for a 1991 card, 1 year older.  Then trade that for a 1990 card and so on.  Seems pretty fun.  But I'm not on the Topps site.  I'm a blogger though!

That was my inspiration for a slightly different experiment.  Instead of going back a year, each trade will be for a card of higher book value.  And you are all eligible to trade!  This will be an attempt to prove that Beckett don't mean squat when it comes to trading!

To be clear, when this experiment comes to a close, the resulting card will be sold on Ebay and the proceeds will fund a contest for all who have participated.
 I'm not trying to make a buck off you guys!

So here is how it works.  You see a card you like on this post (It will be sticky in the upper right by my want lists), you send me an e-mail saying you want it and what you are sending.  Then we trade via mail and your card goes up as the new card for trade.  If I go 2 weeks without any offers, I'll either trade one of my own for it or end the experiment.

Seeing how book value depends on condition, I'll rely on the honor system that cards sent in are in decent shape.  More allowances will be made for older cards, but the newer stuff should be sharp!


Wanna see the current lot?????  Click it for a larger view.

2000 Bowman Carl Crawford.  Hi book value $1.
2008 Allen & Ginter Carl Crawford bat card.  Hi book value $10.
2008 Allen & Ginter Carl Crawford jersey card.  Hi book value $10.
2005 Turkey Red Carl Crawford White parallel.  High Book Value $3.
2007 Bowman Carl Crawford Orange parallel #/250.  High Book Value $3.
2006 Finest Carl Crawford X-Fractor #/d /250.  High Book Value $3.
1960 Topps Whitey Ford.   High Book Value $50, but condition is a factor, so let's call it $15.

Total Book value: $45.00

Any takers?  Comment below!!  Bonus offer: if you trade a single card for this lot, the 'price to beat' will be $30!!

Previous cards:
1. 1997 Metal Universe 'Platinum Portraits' Chipper Jones, number 5 of 10 cards in the set.  Hi book value $8.

2. 2004 Upper Deck Classic Combos #'d 1617/1999.  Hi book value $10, 2001 Topps Chrome Combos 'Heroes of Fenway'.  Hi book value $5, Total Book value: $15.00


  1. I'd like first crack at Mr Jones!

    But I have no idea what any of my cards are worth according to Beckett...

    email me, we'll work something out!

  2. Tha Canuck is up! Yep, Beckett value is going to be a bit tricky when most bloggers don't pay much attention to it.

    I have been gifted a recent Beckett, I'll go by that for now. If anyone needs pricing on this deal, let me know!

  3. I was thinking of doing the same, but trying to end it with a Jordan RC. Then selling it. Yours would be much more successful.

  4. Haha! What makes you think we won't get a Jordan RC???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Cool idea, you still doing this experiment?

  6. Yep, I am waiting on the 1st trade. The Canadian Postal system went on strike and the package is still in transit because of the delays. Hopefully the next trade will be up soon!

  7. I need that top Williams. I have the stuff on this post but I have no idea what beckett says they are worth. But I would be willing to trade any of it for the Williams.