Thursday, June 30, 2011


The late 80's!  For me having grown up then, I look back on it as a feel good era.  Some may disagree.  But as I hope to show, it was definitely an over the top era!  Below are several posters that I remember from that time.  Most, I just saw in the sports store in the Mall, but the last one I actually had on my wall.  I know these have made the rounds on the net, but I think they're worth another look.

They range from the ridiculous to the classicly ridiculous.  Check em out!

Up 1st is Bob 'Mad Dawg' Golic.  As you see, he is bad to the bone.  He's got his own fiery doghouse, the beware of Bob sign and luckily for the photographer, he's chained up!  What a cute doggie!  I wonder if Golic felt like a doofus doing this shoot or if he was as into it as he looks.

Time for a special delivery from the Mailman!  What a great nickname... at first.  I can't imagine that Karl has any love for it after all these years.  Too many goofy plays to be made on it, 2/3 of them probably about his 'package'.  He's delivering mail to 'The Boston's'??

OK, this one I really like, mostly because Eric Davis was a beast!  This still has the late 80's cheese to get into this post though!

Awesome!!  The outfit, the cavemanization of his name, the 'sacked' quarterbacks in the background... just ridiculous!  Mark seems to be into it though.

Kirk earned his name as a big game hunter with a single blast in the 88 World Series.  This poster, however, doesn't live up to the hype for 1 reason.  'Don't feed the pitchers'?  What does that even mean?  Shouldn't it be something about killing the pitchers or bagging a Relief Pitcher or something else!?!?  It's the pitchers that should be afraid of feeding Gibby, right?

And finally, the classic, the one on my wall.  I love this poster, but it's got a lot of goofiness to it.  Why do they each have their own home plate?  How about the irony that they are, if not lawbreakers, then at least steroid users?  Doesn't really work with this pic!  Gotta love the bats and the look though.

What are your favorite posters, 80's or otherwise?  Leave links in the comments!

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