Sunday, May 10, 2020

BFG - DK Item 10

Welcome to the Big Fun Game - Diamond King style!

These next 3 sections will be included on each post during the game...

Updates from DK

Happy Mother's Day!

Ryan G, I still need your address.

Winners so far...
Item 1 - Diamond Kings - Ryan G - 2 DK$
Item 2 - Oddballs - Sports Card Collectors - 12 DK$
Item 3 - Pucketts - Fuji - 15 DK$
Item 4 - Basketball - The Lost Collector - 45 DK$
Item 5 - Surprise - The Angels in Order - 52 DK$
Item 6 - Texas Flamethrowers - Ryan G - 13 DK$
Item 7 - Giant/Dodgers - Night Owl - 35 DK$
Item 8 - Oddballs 2 - Sport Card Collectors - 41 DK$
Item 9 - Elite group - Sport Card Collectors - 35 DK$

Gotta get that DK$ - This will be an opportunity to answer/guess at a question.  If you are the first to get it right, you can earn some extra DK$! (DK$ won this way cannot be used until the next item)

Question: No question today.  Due to lame game runner!

The Hidden 10 - There are 10 things that I have identified that can or will happen during our BFG.  Whenever one of them is achieved by a player, I will uncover it here:

1. Mention another contestant by name in a comment - worth 1 DK$ - won by The Angels in Order
3. Buy/Sell something that was won (both players) - worth 5 DK$ each - won by The Angels in Order and Sport Card Collectors
4. Snipe a win (bid in the last 2 minutes for the win) - worth 3 DK$ - won by The Lost Collector
7. Ask for more detail on a card up for bid - worth 3 DK$ - won by Night Owl
8. Make a 1 DK$ increment bid (not the first bid on an item) - worth 1 DK$ - won by Ryan G
9. Bid more than one time on a single item. - worth 4 DK$ - won by The Angels in Order

And now, what you have been waiting for, here is Item 10 for your bidding consideration!
Quarterback RC's.  Not sure that this one will be as popular as the basketball, but you never know.

Bidding on this item will end at 9AM PST on Monday 5/11


  1. Not sure how much DK$ I have... but I'll start with 50 DK$.

  2. Fuji got me beat here. I don’t have much left lol

  3. I'm probably going to regret this, but here goes... I will bid ALL my DK dollars (I believe it's $104 thanks to Jon?)

    1. 104 is correct! You are in the lead. However, you are not out of DK$, because you just got hidden 10 #2. 'First player to spend all of their DK$'. You are awarded an additional 10 DK$, but they can't be spent until the next item.

    2. Well... I guess there's over an hour left... so technically it's not a snipe. But since I don't have that much DK$ left in my account... it hurts just the same ;D

    3. Sorry, I had to go for the Rodgers! If I do end up winning this item the Favre, Flutie, and Aikman will be available.