Tuesday, May 5, 2020

BFG prep

OK guys, tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9AM PST the first item in the Big Fun Game will go up for bids.  I figured we'd get some details out of the way so we are all prepared.

First, the 9 participants are:
night owl
Ryan G
Sport Card Collectors
The Angels In Order
The Lost Collector

If you need a refresher on the basic rules, look at this post. But I have a few more details to share.

While you will each start with 100 DK$, there will be numerous opportunities to get a few more.  There will be:

1. Trivia questions and guesses about cards in my collection. There will probably be one of these per post or so.  The correct answer will get you between 1 and 3 DK$.
2. Charity and outside help.  This will require you, or someone you know, to do do something easy.  I have 2 of these planned at this time.  Multiple contestants will be able to get DK$ for these activities.
3. Hidden rewards.  I have identified ~10 things that may happen during the entire multi-day experience.  Each of them have various amounts of DK$ that come with them.  You won't know what they are until someone does something that causes the reward to be given.

You can participate in the extra-curricular DK$-raising activities as much or as little as you like.

One unfortunate aspect of this game is that most of my cards are not current.  I don't really have anything from the last few years. Looking over the items up for bid, it hit me that the majority are from the 80's, 90's and 00's.  I hope that doesn't diminish the fun, but hey, free stuff, right?

I guess that's it.  Any questions?  If so, comment and I will answer.  If not, see you all in the morning!


  1. So basically you will be posting a card tomorrow. We each have $100 to bid on said card. If we spend the $100, we’ll we would be done. But we will be bidding against each other with the $100 til someone doesn’t want to bid anymore. Did I get this right? It’s a really fun idea!

    1. Yep, that's the basic idea. Except you have a chance to get a little more than 100, over the life of the contest, so you might not be done even if you have spent all of your money.

  2. The first post left me feeling a little foggy, but I think I got it now. Thanks again for the contest/game!

    1. Good! I know it's a lot, but it should end up being mostly straight forward. Always feel free to ask questions.

  3. This should be fun to follow! I'm curious how this plays out.

  4. Very excited. I'm curious to find out about the charity and outside help... and hidden rewards.

  5. I will probably screw this up. Just a warning.

    1. I kind of hope somebody does! Probably be me! Let's just have fun.

  6. I think I get it, and I'm ready to play :D