Saturday, May 9, 2020

BFG - DK Item 8

Welcome to the Big Fun Game - Diamond King style!

These next 3 sections will be included on each post during the game...

Updates from DK

Thanks for all the shipping advice!  Much appreciated.

You guys getting tired?  I might be a little, but the contest won't last forever, so I'll be fine. I definitely have some changes to implement the next time I do something like this though.  Players range between 62 and 109 DK$ left. DK$ have no cash value if not spent in the game, so I'd start bidding!

Winners so far...
Item 1 - Diamond Kings - Ryan G - 2 DK$
Item 2 - Oddballs - Sports Card Collectors - 12 DK$
Item 3 - Pucketts - Fuji - 15 DK$
Item 4 - Basketball - The Lost Collector - 45 DK$
Item 5 - Surprise - The Angels in Order - 52 DK$
Item 6 - Texas Flamethrowers - Ryan G - 13 DK$
Item 7 - Giant/Dodgers - Night Owl - 35 DK$

Gotta get that DK$ - This will be an opportunity to answer/guess at a question.  If you are the first to get it right, you can earn some extra DK$! (DK$ won this way cannot be used until the next item)

No trivia again, but a chance to get that last few DK$ for outbidding the competition.  This time, it's up to the rest of the blogging community to give you DK$.  Anyone (*not a player*) who comments on this post before 9AM PST on Sunday 5/10 can give 1 DK$ to one player.  Only 1 DK$ per commenter, meaning that if Madding from Cards on Cards comments and gives 1 DK$ to Bulldog, then comments again and gives 1 DK$ to Jon, only the first one would count.

Also, I wondered how to keep this from getting out of hand. I mean, what's to stop Fuji from calling up his class and making it a homework assignment to comment for him????  Of course, Fuji would never do that, but still.  So I decided that I'll only accept comments from Sports Card Bloggers.  If I don't know a commenter, I will follow their name, and if it does not link to a Sports Card Blog, I won't count that either.

So you can be passive and hope someone leaves you DK$, or if you want, you can be more proactive.  Call all your friends, take out an ad, whatever.

The Hidden 10 - There are 10 things that I have identified that can or will happen during our BFG.  Whenever one of them is achieved by a player, I will uncover it here:

1. Mention another contestant by name in a comment - worth 1 DK$ - won by The Angels in Order
3. Buy/Sell something that was won (both players) - worth 5 DK$ each - won by The Angels in Order and Sport Card Collectors
4. Snipe a win (bid in the last 2 minutes for the win) - worth 3 DK$ - won by The Lost Collector
7. Ask for more detail on a card up for bid - worth 3 DK$ - won by Night Owl
8. Make a 1 DK$ increment bid (not the first bid on an item) - worth 1 DK$ - won by Ryan G
9. Bid more than one time on a single item. - worth 4 DK$ - won by The Angels in Order

And now, what you have been waiting for, here is Item 8 for your bidding consideration!

Another, somewhat different, oddballs item.  Ask any questions you like!

Bidding on this item will end at 9AM PST on Sunday 5/10


  1. OK, I'm gonna lose this because there's a freakin' Griffey card in the mix, but 40 DK$

  2. I'm not nearly that creative to do the assignment thing... but it's cool that you blocked that loophole. This is a great lot. I want that phone card, the Schmidt SI card, and the Pete Rose Meadow Gold card... but it looks like Night Owl wants this lot more than I do.

  3. Replies
    1. Actually, I got to thinking. If there is a thing such as bid retraction I will take that on this lot. It belongs with Night Owl more than myself.

      If not, I will pass along the cards that Fuji wanted to him and send the rest (including the Griffey’s I actually have after checking) to Night Owl.

    2. I'm not sure on the bid retraction, and since I am visiting my Mom right now, I don't really have time to mess with that. But you can always choose to have me send cards to another contestant if you like! Thanks for thinking of others.

    3. Yes! Please do that! Send Fuji what he wants and Night Owl can have the rest. Sorry for asking that. Tell your mom Happy Mothers Day!

    4. No problem asking!! I assume that you still want the Griffeys???

    5. I'm really most interested in the Jorge Orta and the Joe Rudi but I'll take anything minus what SCC wants. I went with the big bid early because I knew I wouldn't be around to counter later. Thanks!

    6. No problem! I thought the lot fits you more than me. I am more late 90s-today collector. But I will take the Griffey’s and the rest is yours and Fuji

  4. So many choices! I will hook up Fuji with 1 DK$, please.

  5. Sport Card Collectors for the win! 41 DK$.

  6. Before 9AM on a Sunday! This has been a lot of fun to watch.

  7. To whomever, at this point: I’ll pay $5 for:
    Schmidt (non-SI)
    That A’s player I can’t see the name of (Next to Gil)

    Night Owl?