Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cardpocalypse challenge - Day 2

Day 2 of the Cardpocalypse challenge!  Today's topic is:

A card from a current release with a unique photo

Hmm, I don't have any cards from a current release.  What to do about that...

My solution was to go out and look at pictures of the 2020 Topps flagship set.  Many of you are probably very familiar with this set, but I wasn't. My biggest impression of this set was that it was made up of a lot of photography that wasn't quite up to the standards being used in the Stadium Club product.  Good photos, but most of them are kind of run of the mill.  However, that didn't stop me from finding some really fun stuff to look at!

Here are a few cards that didn't quite make it to my favorite.  Get to the end of the post for my Cardpocalypse Card of the Day!

I really like this card.  Good to see those catchers run!!  Now he's probably running a baserunner back to third, but I like to think that he got Chuck Knoblauch disease and is just having a hard time throwing accurately.  So he's running the ball back to the pitcher!!  At least he's hustling.  I approve.

Now this one seems more like a Stadium Club photo.  An unusual angle and great color.  It just keeps my eye drawn in.  Even though it is really simple, I really like it.

How many rain cards do you see?  Unique?  Check.  But it's not the most unique card I found.

OK, there are a TON of variation cards in this set.  Kind of annoys me, especially for a Flagship release.  One of the most common variations is the Legends Variation.  Basically, these variations share a number with a regular base card, but the variation features a legend from the same team as the base card.  For example, the Stan Musial below shares a card number with the Miles Mikolas card (a pitcher for the Cardinals).  They are all SP's or SSP's.

But the Musial SP features a picture that leaves me cold.  I guess he must be pretty young, but he seems almost frail.  Skinny.  To me, Musial was never a muscular player, but looked more like this:

The difference made me think of this Captain America before and after shot...

Back to Baseball cards!!  Here is the one Legends Variation that I think I need to get a copy of.  The Ryan Express on the basepaths!!  If you have a copy, let's strike up a trade!!

And finally, the card that this whole post was leading up to.  I hope you all haven't seen it too much already, but here:

Now that's unique!!  A card that could not have been made in the 70's, and well framed to boot.  It showcases technology and to me is great photography as well.  This is my Cardpocalypse card of the day!!


  1. Great post. I hadn't seen any of these yet. That Bellinger does have Stadium Club written all over it. Fun post and good job choosing the cards.

  2. Hadn't seen that bellinger. Or the Bregman. It certainly fits the bill!

  3. I love that you expanded to show off several different, unique cards.

  4. Wow. Hadn't seen that Bregman before. That's a cool card.

  5. Bregman is pretty cool. That rainy day card as well and the photo angle of the Bellinger is a winner.