Saturday, May 2, 2020

Big Game - closed invitation, see if you are in!

I'd like to try a different take on a Big Fun Game.  Here's the basics:

I want to invite everyone who has commented on one of my posts (not including Diamond Nine posts) since I came back to blogging to participate.

The people invited to play in this game are:

Billy Kingsley
Bulldog - In!
Chris - In!
Fuji - In!
Jon - In!
night owl - In!
Ryan G - In!
Sport Card Collectors - In!
The Angels In Order - In!
The Lost Collector - In!
Wes Moore the former JBF

If you were not invited this time, I hope to do more of these in the future, so keep coming by!

I appreciate comments, and that is why I used this method to choose the first games participants. But I don't want to ONLY get comments because people want free stuff.  If you didn't make the cut, this won't be the criteria for choosing who gets into the next game I do.

So if you are on the list above, and want to play after you read all of this, comment on this post and I will add you in.  You do not get in unless you comment on this post saying that you are in!

Here is what I have in mind: (I reserve the right to make changes as needed)

-This will basically be a multiple day auction.  Yes, this would last at least a few days, but your participation would be as little or as much as you decide.

-Each player gets 100 DK$ to spend.  You can bid it all on one days prize, or try to split it up and get multiple prizes.  **Not real money, DK$ are theoretical and imaginary constructs that have no value outside of this instance if my Big Fun Game**

-Twice a day (once at 9AM PST and once at 9PM PST) I will post a prize for you to bid on.  You bid by posting the number of DK$ you want to bid in the comments section. **If you are a participant and have concerns about the posting times, leave that in the comments or shoot me an email.  It may be impossible to post at a time that is convenient for everyone, but this is a free game, it is what it is.

-Anyone can bid up until the next prize is posted.  So you have a 12 hours to get your bid in.  No need to bid super early.  However, if someone decides to bid their entire 100 DK$ right off, they just might walk away with the prize.

-If 2 players post the same bid, the earlier bid as determined by how the comments show up on the blog will be the bid that counts.

-Nobody but me knows how many prizes there will be, the game will end without warning.  There may be fewer prizes than participants.  There may be more prizes than participants.  You won't know until it's over.  So people could walk away without a prize.  That adds to the fun!  Do you bid early and often, or save your DK$ for something you really, really want and risk getting nothing?

-Players may not combine their DK$, but after a prize is won, part or all of it can be sold to another player.  Example: Say that Player 3 wins a prize that contains a Babe Ruth 1933 Goudey and a 1991 Fleer Jose Uribe. Player 3 won this lot for 90 DK$.  He can then sell the 1991 Fleer Uribe to Player 6 who is a huuuuge Uribe player collector for 70 DK$.  All sales or trades involving DK$ must be reported to me in the comments.  Both parties must comment, confirming the cards and DK$ to be traded, or the DK$ will not be transferred.

-Don't expect any 1933 Goudey, especially Babe Ruth.  This is a free game, cards like the Uribe are way more likely to show up!

-There may be a couple of other twists and turns.  Don't assume you know what will happen!

There will be a couple of opportunities during the game to earn a few extra DK$.  Could come in handy!

I already have the prizes selected.  They will be primarily baseball, but could contain other sports or oddball.  I won't be able to guarantee that your team or player will be in the prizes.  But you should at the very least get to bid on something that you can trade for something you do like.

Just so you know, I plan to be shipping in PWE's to limit my postal costs, so don't expect a 1984 Donruss complete set.  Small numbers of cards in each prize is what you should be expecting.

I am thinking we would start this Wednesday morning at 9AM PST.  If you are qualified and want in, please comment before 9AM PST on Monday May 4th.  The participants list will freeze then and I will post the final roster and any additional things that come up later Monday.



  1. Sounds like fun! I'll give it a shot for sure. Thanks for the invite :)

  2. This looks really intriguing and original, too. I didn't make the cut but I'll definitely be following along. Good luck to all contestants!

  3. Looks like fun. Hope I get to play next time. Enjoy.

  4. I don't know if I'm smart enough for this game but I'm in.

    1. If you aren't I'm not either. We might be in trouble.

  5. I am in! This sound like fun!

  6. I'll give it a go! Thank you for giving us the opportunity :)

  7. This sounds interesting! Thanks for doing this and including me, I’m in!

  8. this looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, Good luck to everybody that made the cut. I myself will be highly entertained over the length of this game!

  9. I'll drop in on the game to watch it play out. Have fun everyone!

  10. This sounds very interesting. I'm in. Thanks for the invitation. Looks like I'll have to set an alarm on my phone.