Thursday, May 28, 2020

Contest winnings!

Generosity on the blogs in seeming to be at a very high level these days.  Lots of giveaways and contests.  And I enter them whenever I can!  And sometimes, I even win!!  My most recent win was courtesy of the great blog, Cardpocalypse!  I only won one card, but Tim, the proprietor, hit my wantlists and threw in a bunch more!!

Here is the card I won.  A college game worn relic!  I love relics of retired superstars, and even though some current basketball fans don't even know Rick Barry, he was amazing.  I've even seen him at the end of those 'Top 10 greatest players in NBA history' lists sometimes.

But Tim wasn't done, not by a long shot.  Here are 2 big, thick, chunky manu-relics of Mark McGwire!!!  Needless to say, they are new to me, and quite welcome.

Diamond Kings!!  The top 3 are promotional cards, so they go right in the big binder of Diamond King oddballs.  The Thomas is right off of my wantlist and those framed parallels are always welcome.

Another card direct from my lists.  With this Sosa, I only need 6 more to complete this set.

And lastly, a bunch more Big Macs from the wantlists!  And even better, this package put me over 1000 different McGwires!!!  That calls for a contest or something, but I am going to put it off a bit until I can replenish my stock.  The actual 1000th was the Stadium Shots insert on the top row.

Thanks a ton Tim!!!!


  1. Wow 1,000 different McGwires is amazing. Kind of like that Frank Thomas one, though my favorite DK sets are 92 and 93. And I know Rick Barry as either the best or like 2nd or 3rd best free throw shooter ever with his granny style spin the ball method.

  2. Not a huge Sosa fan, but I love the design of those "Lords of the Diamond" inserts.

  3. Congrats on reaching your milestone! Tim a good dude!

  4. Does this mean that you're now the Big Mac king as well?

  5. Yeah, I'm old enough to remember Rick Barry. He was great. He always said that he could teach any NBA player to be a great free-throw shooter, but they never took him up on it because they'd have to shoot underhand and that doesn't seem "macho" enough to them. What a shame.

  6. 1000 Big Macs? That's awesome. Congratulations on achieving that milestone.

  7. Glad everything arrived safely. Thanks for participating!