Thursday, May 14, 2020

I want to look through cards!!!

It's been a blast to come back to the blogging community.  I never completely stopped reading, but it was definitely put on the back burner for a long time.  But now I'm back, and surprise, surprise, I'm getting sucked back in to the sports card whirlpool!

In my time away, I occasionally looked at my cards, mostly the 8 large boxes that house what I think of as my 'keeper' collection.  These are cards that I have no interest in trading away, and I treat those boxes like my 'real' collection.  But I have a lot of other cards.

And that's where I'm going today!  Though I don't remember where I got them, I recently went through two 5000 count boxes of dime box level basketball.  Maybe only nickel stuff, I'll let you decide.

***I apologize for the pics, I really need to get better with my photography skills!

The actual boxes in question

I had a blast!  There were lots of reasons why I had such a good time.  I picked a few of those reasons to highlight.  The reasons I chose are Nostalgia, Photography and Presentation, Insanity, Flabbergastedness, Fleer Metal, Bulls and Rookies.  Here they are!

Nostalgia - Most of these cards were from the nineties.  Some were more recent.  But overall, they hit a lot of old timey feels from when I was still a young buck. Too many years, sets and cards to show much here, but here are a couple of pics:

Some Ultra inserts - there were lots of these, but only 2nd level stars

Some Fleer inserts - tons of these too

A few young guys all dressed up

Photography and presentation... Basketball cards are a great canvas for action shots and interesting framing.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to pull good examples, but here are a couple I went back and grabbed real quick.
I especially like the Ray Allen.  Perfect release, every time!

Insanity (weird cards) - same thing, only a couple of examples, but there was a TON of funky stuff
Shaq looks like a goober in both of those cards.  Rodman looks like he is in a cartoon and a piano is about to fall on his head!  The Fortson card confuses me.  Is the shadowing supposed to highlight his muscles?

Flabbergastedness (*not a real word, do not use in sophisticated conversation!)

Soooo many Elton Brand RC's.  I got all flabbergasted.  The pic below is all Brand, probably 90% RCs.  And that is only about half of what was in the boxes.  When ESPN makes a 10 part Elton Brand retrospective, I'm gonna be rich!

Fleer Metal - I read on someone's blog (maybe Fuji?) that Fleer Metal was getting some extra love lately, mostly because of the insane prices that Metal Jordan's are going for.  So I pulled some out.  No real reason, I am not going to try to make sets, just... fun!

Bulls - The Last Dance and it's impact on the hobby has been discussed a lot.  I won't add to it other than to say I pulled out a few Bulls to go through later.
Tons of Pippens
Some Rodmans
Kukoc rcs galore
And lastly, a couple that caught my eye.  That horace just looks nice to me.  Holding off a sepia tinted Dan Majerle.  Cool.  And then there is the Pink Panther.  Um, I guess I missed that one!  Did you all know that Kukoc was called the Pink Panther?????

Rookies!!!  Tons and tons of rookies, even a very few that are a little bigger names...

That covers all the reasons that I enjoyed myself so much.  But wait, there's more...

I even found a few cards I will keep!  Check out this Slick Watts!  Slick is and was a beloved Sonic.  Maybe he's not as appreciated outside the Pacific Northwest, but up here, he has a small, but borderline cult following.  When I saw the card, I did a double take.  It immediately struck me that I didn't have any cards of Slick in my collection.
I looked up cards of Watts from his playing days, and it looks to me like there are no cards from then with his nickname of 'Slick' on them.  They all seem to use his given name, Don.  No matter, I still might see if I can get one or two.

So, lot's of good reasons, eh?

But the biggest reason is that I really enjoy cards.  I enjoy looking, sorting, reading, researching and classifying them.  I really wish I had 25 boxes like these basketball boxes to look through.  By the time I got through with them, I'd be perfectly happy to start over with the first box again.

But I don't have any more, I'm out!!  And I'm jonesing for more! I even got a little crazy and considered picking up some random boxes of cards off of Facebook Marketplace to feed the urge. I really wish that the card show scheduled for later this month could actually happen.  It sounds like heaven to just spend a few hours picking through dime boxes.

But that reality is probably a long way off. 


  1. Whoa! If everything wasn't a keeper, and you ever feel like trading, please be sure to let me know.

    1. The only keeper in the pics was the Watts, and probably a good chunk of the Fleer Metal. Lot's of other similar stuff in those boxes too. I'm be down for trades all day, but after the contest, I gotta get my shipping money built up a little!

  2. *everything Shown Here wasn't a keeper.

  3. Jon best me to it! I was about to inquire on it. So hard when so many of us chase the same stuff. I love 90s stuff. For me it’s all nostalgia and some of the ones you posted above fits that bill

    1. I imagine there are enough for the both of you. The biggest problem is determining what you actually want. I'm mulling over a gotomeeting or webex screen sharing video where I could actually show cards over video and work out trades in person. Still in the planning stage, but I would love to do something like that.

    2. Great! I actually wouldn’t even mind a box of random ones sent my way in a blind trade. Mixed ones, some metal, some inserts (for me 94-95 or later 90s is my prefer) or Allan Houston who is a PC

  4. Some really great old Fleer inserts. You and I collected basketball right at the same time.

  5. One of my favorite things is just rummaging through a box of cards, especially if the contents are generally unknown. Nothing better. And those Kukoc cards have me hearing Marv Albert in my head: "Kukoc for 3. YESS!"

  6. I sure do miss going through dime boxes.

  7. So much to comment on... so little time (before I need to hit the sack). I love the 2008-09 Topps Ray Allen. I never ended up getting that set... and it's way too expensive now. But it's a classic and the Allen features a fantastic photo.

    P.S. I did mention the Jordan Metal cards were selling way over what your average Jordan base cards were fetching. A week later... the Griffey from the 1996 Fleer Metal Griffey #107 started going for some decent money too.

    1. I sold a Dan Marino 1997 Metal that I didn't even know I had for $20.

  8. So many neat cards here, I was a huge fan of the Power In The Key inserts. The Ultra Playmakers were neat, too. And that Topps Ray Allen card is just perfect.